This Episode Edit

On K.k 2005 City

This Is Episode is Dutch

Aridia: I never Go to Netherland

K.k 2005: What . You Never Go To Netherland Aridia: i said Never Go to Netherland

K.k 2005 1st gen: I Hate Arida .i Make Launch Turn to Pokemon (this is K-pokemon - New Generation)

Aridia : no . i Got Shot


Aridia As Tepig :  what happened .i see . Found out show  Pictures .Cam Man

Aridia As Tepig : Hello ?  . i see i make is too small 

Aridia As Tepig : too serious . i made this ? . Oh No My Hand is get broker

(Camera Showed)

Aridia as Tepig : i see full me

(camera Auto)

(26 May 2017 camera date)

Aridia As Tepig :Oh My Gosh . I AM tEPIG

K.k 2005 : Hello Aridia . Now Have To ..

K.k 2005 ; what ?! . Aridia . turn . that . Pokemon . from . Unova !

Aridia As Tepig: I not Fan Tepig

The end

This Episode is all Dutch

Trivia Edit

  • One Character Is Not Aridia's Design is Goanimate design
  • This Pokemon On Aridia TF on 3rd Times


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